Sonic Bunny Productions was established with one goal in mind: create kick-ass toons for kick-ass people. We specialize in 2D animation for television and web. We’re open to making cartoons for all ages, but let’s face it, our specialty is adult comedy. Plus we’re really into retro cartoons and anything that’s “dark with a sense of whimsy.”

Just like our mascot, Sonic Bunny, we approach everything with a tenacious “balls to the wall” mentality. Nothing is half-assed and push things to the limit.

– Cartoons are awesome!
– Cartoons represent absolute and total freedom of creativity in the medium of entertainment.
– Whatever inspires us, whatever dreams we have, whatever makes us laugh. No matter how absurd, we can translate these ideas       into something that can entertain.

– With passion, with laughs, and with incredible professionalism.
– No matter the scope of the cartoon, we put our blood, sweat, and guts into it.
– As a result, they have a healthy dose of kick-ass and are super fun to watch.

   – Comedy, kids, sketch, old-school, sci-fi… you name it!

Producer, Scout Raskin has over twenty years experience in the industry. She got her start as a child actor. But behind the camera, Scout has worked in various capacities including executive producer, animation acquisition manager, production supervisor, line producer, and production accountant. She has worked on series for Disney/ABC, TNT, and Cartoon Network’s stop-motion hits Robot Chicken and Frankenhole, as well as written and directed independent cartoons. Her latest film, a 1920s-inspired cartoon called Bakerman & The Bunnymen has screened at over a dozen film festivals including Dances With Films, Santa Barbara Film Festival, Animation Block Party, and Pollygrind among others. She went on to produce Season 1 of Comedy Central’s TripTank, Like Share Die for Fusion, Everstar for Amazon, and Rick & Morty on Adult Swim. Download Scout’s Resume.

Scout’s Producing Reel